Troll Attack

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Extra Information

TrollAttack is undergoing continuing development in its codebase, as well as in the areas of the game. The game currently features more than 500 rooms for you to explore and interact with!

Latest Changes

  • 8/01/2005 Created site
  • 9/19/2006 New server available
  • 1/1/2007 Style and Content Updated
  • Help Wanted

    Contact Stephen Fluin if you wish to participate in the building of the Troll Attack world, if you want to get involved in promoting Troll Attack, or if you want to help manage and administrate the game. We are also looking for java coders willing to help out with the development of the MUD.

    Troll Attack is Alive!

    This site, is now alive and breathing. This site is dedicated to the game titled "Troll Attack", written in Java by Stephen Fluin. Troll Attack is what is commonly known as a MUD, or a multi-user dungeon. MUDs are text-based roleplaying games where many players connect to a server, and then interact with each other and a world of rooms, items, and creatures. As players play more they gain in-game experience, and their characters get stronger, allowing them to explore more of the world. Troll Attack currently has about 4.2k lines of code written. Currently in Troll Attack, when you create a player, you can save and come back and use it again later. You can also explore the basic areas that have already been created, although new areas will be coming soon. There is also a build system under development.